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Formulated specifically for women to use during their menstrual cycle to help relieve the symptoms of PMS and period pain. Made from a 15% broad spectrum CBD oil as well as Wild Yam, Dong Quai and a unique blend of terpenes. These ingredients all have a synergistic effect when used together by creating something known as an entourage effect.
  • Uniquely formulated for women to use during their menstrual cycle
  • THC free
  • Contains 15% CBD, Dong Quai, Wild Yam and a unique blend of Terpenes
  • Made from organically grown hemp
  • Vegan
  • All-natural with no added chemicals, flavourings or colourings
  • Third party lab tested for purity, safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • For period relief use half to a full dropper under the tongue, hold for a minute then swallow.
  • For best results we suggest that you take a few drops of the product daily for about 3 months to get the most benefits. This way you will allow for the CBD to build up in your body.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

15 reviews for Women’s Relief CBD Oil 15%

  1. Victoria

    I’ve been using the Woman’s Relief CBD oil increasingly this week through my period but also on a daily means for any day to day anxiety as and when I see fit. I am so surprised how effectively this works as a pain relief for me! I was in a lot of period pain this morning and I took about half a pipette and the pain is gone! You found a loyal customer! I have always been conscious about taking “normal” painkillers due to the impact they may have on our liver so I’m very pleased to find a holistic natural method blended with MCT oil. Would recommend.

  2. Millie

    Loved this cbd oil! I initially bought it for anxiety and migraines as I usually don’t have menstrual pains but last week my period were surprisingly painful and the cbd oil really helped me to manage the pain. I usually don’t leave reviews but had to as I really fell in love with this product!

  3. Margherita

    I always suffered from period pain and had to take so many painkiller but since I bought Women’s Relief CBD Oil I can manage to only use the cbs oil which is great for me because I feel it’s a more natural solution. Also I couldn’t believe it can really relieve the symptoms of PMS!! Taking strong painkiller all the time is not healthy! I highly suggest you give this cbd oil a try!!

  4. Micaela

    For years I have been struggling with serious period pains and PMS. As I try to avoid taking painkillers this product has worked wonders for me. I use a little bit of this product few days before I know my period is about to start and I find myself feeling much less stressed and have less cravings but most importantly a lot less period pain. I do also use this product sometimes on a daily basis when times are a little stressful and you just need to find that natural calmness within yourself. Thank you Camilla for developing this amazing product of yours. After trying this I can definitely see why you’re so passionate about it.

  5. Annelie North

    I’m using the women’s relief myself and I found this product amazing, My period pains and pms has been reduced significantly. I have been medically diagnosed with endometriosis by laparoscopy and am on a anti inflammatory diet but can still get a lot of pain and inflammation flare ups. This product has definitely helped reducing mine.

  6. Rebecca

    This CBD oil have really change my life. I have always had a very painful menstruation and i always felt very tired and nausea. But after using this oil I don’t have this problems anymore. No more painful menstruation and it’s truly a joy! I love this oil and I recommend it to everyone.

  7. Rebecca

    This CBD oil have really change my life. I have always had a very painful menstruation and i always felt very tired and nausea. But after using this oil I don’t have this problems anymore. No more painful menstruation and it’s truly a joy! I love this oil and I recommend it to everyone.

  8. Morgane

    I used the Women’s Relief oil last week and OMG my PMS symptoms are basically gone! I started having some PMS symptoms a few days before my period, I took the CBD drops and it was gone in two days. Usually my period is so painful but this time I had no cramps!

  9. Tess

    I’ve been using the Women’s Relief oil for PMS pain and it’s been an absolute life saver! I normally use plain CBD oil when I am very stressed but I ran out a few weeks ago. Ended up using this instead and it was even better! Not only did it bring down my stress levels but it also prevented the havoc that stress normally reaps on my hormones!

  10. sophie

    I was having trouble sleeping both due to my period and stress at work. This oil was so so helpful- it really helped me to relax and I felt a significant positive impact. It also tasted really nice which as unexpected. I would highly recommend this for anyone with cramping pains or difficulty getting to sleep.

  11. Alma

    “Because I have so much pain during my period I had zero expectations that the Woman’s Relief oil would help. But to my surprise my period pain totally disappeared after 30 minutes. Lifesaver thank you!”

  12. Emma

    I use Women’s Relief for easing both cramps and headaches. The oil is quite helpful and truly does relieve pain. In my opinion, it’s a great alternative to something like Advil or Tylenol.

  13. Lydia

    I’ve been using this oil throughout various times in my cycle – I have always suffered with painful periods and PMS. I’ve especially noticed how great it is at relieving cramps. Normally I would have taken regular painkillers, but I’ve found they aren’t always effective. After a few drops of this oil I can feel my pain disappearing almost immediately. It’s so great to have found something that actually works! I would recommend this to anyone suffering with pain and discomfort during their cycle.

  14. Chiara

    Amazing product and excellent service. Love the box it comes with and the information included. I received the CBD 1500mg from your website and have recommend to friends seeking relive from stress and looking into increase productivity.

  15. K. Barry

    I used the Women’s Relief oil and Woow my PMS symptoms are gone! I took the CBD drops & it was gone in 48 hours. No more pain durant my period. I am so grateful and highly recommend it.

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