Camilla Organics have produced Europe’s first CBD products specifically formulated for women.

Our founder, Camilla Hansson, a former Miss Sweden, was inspired to start the company after having struggled with endometriosis, a condition which causes painful menstrual cramps. She found the relief she was looking for in CBD oil and was determined to share its benefits with other women. This led Camilla to partner up with a leading CBD specialist to create Camilla Organics’ first product – Women’s Relief oil. This product is specifically designed to be taken to support women during their menstrual cycle. Our high quality products are all-natural and made from organically grown hemp, using third party lab testing to ensure both purity and strength in our CBD.

For many years Camilla’s passion has been holistic health and she has previously studied natural medicine and nutrition. She wants to support women to naturally regain control of their health and menstrual cycles while spreading awareness of how to enjoy the benefits of CBD.