Why Camilla Organics?

At Camilla Organics we have produced natural, effective and safe CBD products formulated specifically with women in mind. Our products contain THC-free Broad Spectrum CBD oil that is from organically grown hemp of the highest quality. We use third party lab testing to ensure both purity and potency.

Quality Promise

Broad Spectrum CBD

Made From Organically Grown Hemp

Quality Assured With Third Party Lab Testing



Gluten Free

Produced in a GMP certified facility

THC Free


“Every period I have, the first 2 days are so painful that they interrupt my life, I’m always nervous for those 2 days a week in advance because I know that it will be painful, I will feel hungry all the time, have cravings even though I just ate and have a mixed feeling of jet lag and hangover. Always the same story.
This time, just when the cramps where about to begin in the first morning of my period, I used a whole pipette of the Woman relief Cbd, I exaggerated a little bit just to really know if there were to be any effect. And to my surprise, the cramps never even came. I was ready to take some more as soon as the cramps would come but they never did. In the end of the second day I could feel a bit of the usual hunger and hangover feeling approaching, so I took half a pipette. And that was it. This CBD completely obstructed my cramps and somehow worked as a  preventive, even up until the end of the following day.
I no longer have to be nervous about my period again.”

- Annika, 27, London

”I have been using Camilla
Organics CBD oil for little over two weeks now and it has genuinely helped me a lot. I am now able to sleep throughout an entire night without constantly waking tossing and turning. This as a result makes me wake up with more energy. Secondly I always have a bit of anxious feelings but after using the Clear CBD I feel much more calm. Added bonus it has also been helpful for my migraines!”

- Stephanie, 31, London

“I’ve been using the Woman’s Relief CBD oil increasingly this week through my period but also on a daily means for any day to day anxiety as and when I see fit. I am so surprised how effectively this works as a pain relief for me! I was in a lot of period pain this morning and I took about half a pipette and the pain is gone! You found a loyal customer! I have always been conscious about taking “normal” painkillers due to the impact they may have on our liver so I’m very pleased to find a holistic natural method blended with MCT oil. Would recommend.”

- Victoria, 32, London

“This product is actually amazing. I’m using the women’s relief myself and my period pains and pms has reduced significantly. I have got endometriosis so I can get a lot of pain and inflammation. This product has definitely helped reducing mine.”

- Anne-Lie North, London

“I’ve been trying this CBD oil for sore muscles a deeper sleep and just for an allover well being feeling.”

- Victoria Silvstedt, Swedish celebrity

“I’ve just started the first day of my period today. This normally involves me taking ibuprofen every 2-3 hours to get through the day without being incoherent from the pain. When I woke up and felt it coming on this morning, I took the Woman’s relief CBD oil as directed and a couple of drops again in the late afternoon and have been completely pain free. I’m really very impressed. I’m so happy this product exists! Thank you! ”

- Catalina, 31, London

“I used the Women’s Relief oil last week and OMG my PMS symptoms are basically gone! I started having some PMS symptoms a few days before my period, I took the CBD drops and it was gone in two days. Usually my period is so painful but this time I had no cramps!”

- Tess, 30, London

“Because I have so much pain during my period I had zero expectations that the Woman’s Relief oil would help. But to my surprise my period pain totally disappeared after 30 minutes. Lifesaver thank you!”

- Alma, 26, London

“I use to suffer alot from pins & needles specially in the mornings, I had muscle and nerve pain in my hands and arms. This CBD oil has worked wonders, 90% of my pain has gone since I started to use it.
It also has released alot of stress. I now experience a deep sense of calm which has helped me alot mentally during the covid 19 pandemic lockdown.”

- Helena, 35, London

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